I am introducing you to an angel I found along my path. In search of hyperbaric chamber options (which can be quite costly if treatment is needed daily or even weekly), I found Chris. He has made it his life mission to help those with illness, disabilities as well as veterans. Chris has delivered a hyperbaric chamber to my home to use for 40 days and what he has asked in return from me is a donation to his foundation. Needless to say, where I was only able to get hyperbaric chamber sessions 1x weekly, I can now do it everyday up to 2x daily for the next 40 days. Making introductions since everyone on this thread is on a mission to help others or heal from something.
Beatriz Ivette
Chris and the Dolce Foundation were extremely helpful for me. I have been suffering from metal toxicity and bacterial infections for many years. I called Chris and he immediately offered to help, even inviting me to his house so I could try the chamber immediately. I went to his house many times for treatment, feeling stronger and having more energy. I was able to donate a total of $300.00 to the Dolce Foundation, which was nothing since Chris was being so gracious, allowing me into his home. He was very informative about how the treatments could help. Since I am in the medical field, he offered to come to my home and set up a chamber for me to use for an additional 40 days!! The deposit was $500.00 but he waived that fee!!!! Chris has been very generous with his time and equipment. It is obvious his only goal is to help people feel better!! You can tell he really enjoys what he does. It was a very beneficial and healing experience. Thank you Chris and Dolce Foundation
Connie Long
I was excited about trying out the hyperbaric therapy, and was hoping that this method would help me with my frequent headaches and sore muscles. Fortunately, what people are saying about hyperbaric chambers is true! After several sessions, I began noticing a significant decrease in my migraines, faster muscle recovery after playing sports, and a more relaxed state of mind than before. It is also nice to know that all my loved ones can also benefit from the benefits of hyperbaric therapy.
Ms Gaudreau
I should tell you my CTC levels dramatically decreased when retesting after the chamber experience. Of course I've been on an intense protocol (all natural) for over 6 months & the chamber was the add on right before the retesting. Either way, incredible news.. you are a godsend! I hope life returns to you all the goodness you share with so many. It is comforting and hopeful to have people like you cross one's path. It is proof that there are genuinely good-hearted, self-less people circulating amongst us sharing joy generously. May the Universe bestow upon you and your family all you deserve! My sincere appreciation and eternal gratefulness
Beatrice Ivette
Dolce Hyperbaric assisted us quickly and was there every step of the way. My husband, a US veteran, has diabetes and was not healing properly from a surgery he had. The infection seemed to be spreading and the doctors kept putting him on antibiotics that didn't seem to be working. In desperation we called Dolce Hyperbaric, to see the price of a chamber. Immediately Chris jumped into action and brought a chamber to our house within a few days. We gave him a deposit for the chamber, which was returned to us when he picked it up, and were able to use it for a month or two. It seemed to have assisted greatly and we are forever in debted to Chris and Dolce Hyperbaric. Thank you so very much Chris, for everything you did for our family!
Olga Branco